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Rebel Raider is a prototype concepted and developed in about 4 weeks for my game design course. For this project we were tasked with making a game by ourselves, with no programmers or artists working with us. As such, I decided to learn Unreal Engine for this project, which ended up working out really well, once I got past the initial learning curve. While the final prototype is really basic, I learned a lot from the project so I am very happy with it. Developed by Jack Sexton (Me) Music - Area 6 from Starfox 64 3D

Published Apr 12, 2017
AuthorJack Sexton
TagsShoot 'Em Up, Space, Third Person

Install instructions

Rebel Raider protoype by Jack Sexton


Arrow Keys to Move

Shift to Accelerate

Spacebar to fire cannons


Rebel Raider Prototype.zip 431 MB

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