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A 2D platformer. Steve has heard the Siren's Call, and must make his way across the beach, avoiding the waves, to kill the Mother Of All Sirens, a powerful water spirit. Will Steve make it to the Siren's lair, or will the power of the ocean take him? And what will his wife say?

This was a Global Game Jam Project, where you must use objects to brace against as waves come towards you while you attempt to reach the end. Development suffered due to over scoping, so the game ended up a little jank.

Jam Site: Canberra Global Game Jam

Jam Year: 2017

Platforms: MS Windows

Tools And Technologies: Unity


Daniel Evans

Nathan Barrett

Jack Sexton

Lukas Bola

Simon Valentine

Tobias Price

Install instructions

Spacebar to jump, arrow keys to move, shift to run.


Siren's Call.zip 409 MB

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